There is a frightening statistic in the world of retail and personal Foreign Exchange trading. Over 80% of all traders lose all of their money in the first 6 months of trading. Generally, people think FX is a simple market. It is driven by supply and demand, it is easily accessible, incredibly liquid and markets go up or they go down. Seems easy right? What people don't take into account, are the nuances and general unexplained volatility that cause so many problems for the unprepared.

It is our intention to help you improve these statistics and give you the best possible chance of coping with and monetising the FX market no matter what the dynamics. We want you to consider all aspects of trading from risk, profit and loss management to understanding strategy and economics, what drives markets and how do you better monetise market movements.

We will use the experience gained from working at some of the biggest financial institutions in the world to help you refine and grow your trading capabilities so that you have the best chance to utilise FX as a product in whatever walk of life you intend to travel.