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At Corellian Trading Academy we have made it our mission to bring the very highest quality of training to our clients. Our approach differs from our peers, in that each and every member of our mentor teaching team has enjoyed a lengthy, proven career working at some of the biggest and most successful financial institutions in the world. From these mentors, we are able to draw from an enviable pool of intellectual capital, expertise and in-depth product knowledge. The experience of immersing oneself with people offering different skillsets and being taught different styles (of trading for example) with people whom have different areas of expertise would be invaluable when trying to achieve either a, lengthy and successful institutional career or an expert understanding of trading and markets for their own purposes.

The challenge for those outside of the established financial institutions is how to deliver credible, high quality and relevant training. Most of the teaching in this industry utilise academics or classroom taught individuals in an attempt to improve people’s understanding and trading capabilities. What sets Corellian apart from the competition is that all of our teachers have 'lived and breathed’ financial markets over an extensive period of time. All of Corellian’s mentors, without exception, are highly experienced former and existing financial market participants and experts in the modules that they teach. They are in the unique position of being able to draw on their own substantive experiences, rather than teaching from a purely academic background. We believe that in using this mentor driven, experience focused approach we have a teaching platform that provides everything needed to deliver a fundamental understanding of every aspect of Foreign Exchange markets, trading and products. Our aim: to start you on the path to career success and longevity.

Here at Corellian we take enormous pride in everything that we do. Our mentors drive success within student groups and it is absolutely our intention to deliver an unparalleled educational experience that will help each individual or institution to achieve their goals!

- Graeme King CEO

What Are Corellian Trading Courses?

If you are looking for trading courses in London and want to learn to trade foreign exchange, Corellian Trading Academy strive to bring out the best in all of our students. We expertly guide them through the complex world of financial markets and cover every aspect of learning they will need to move forward with a greater understanding. Each of our trading course mentors have over a decade of top tier professional trading experience - navigating not only day to day markets, but the black swan events that have caused so much disruption to our world.

Learn to trade side by side with genuine experts that work, or have worked at some of the largest and most respected institutions in the world, and increase your chance of success with a forensic personal experience that is invaluable in today's busy, volatile environment.

Whether you are just starting to learn to trade, or an expert trader that wants to improve, our London trading courses can be created to suit your requirement. Equally our standard trading courses are ideal for individuals seeking knowledge of all aspects of trading to use in the retail space, or someone who wishes to enhance their fundamental skillset and CV to get a head-start to a career in the city. We can also provide or create courses for corporations wanting to develop a larger understanding of specific products in order to assist clients with portfolio or hedging management or ethics and code of conduct requirements. Speak to our team to see how we can help, or book your course today.

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Trading Courses London Overview

Corellian trading courses are hosted at our dedicated learn to trade centre in London with easy access from Monument and Tower Hill tube stations, near London Bridge. Our standard trading courses run over 3 days where you will become a forex trader and learn to trade in the live markets with the help of our mentors.

The courses cover all aspects of trading from risk, profit, and loss management, to understanding strategy and economics, what drives markets and how to monetise market movements. All of which give you the best chance of coping with, and succeeding in the Forex trading market no matter what the dynamics.

Structured Trading Courses

We have developed our courses to teach you everything that you need to understand in order to trade at a consistently high level, with measured risk and best possible outcomes. What makes our trading courses different to most is having market leading experts as your mentors, that will actually provide structure to your approach, and show you how to follow certain practices to achieve long term trading success.

In this completely immersive experience you will learn...

Trading Course Philosophy

As our mentors have learnt throughout the years there are key principles that allow you to unlock your potential in today's markets.Throughout this course you will not only learn all aspects of trading, such as technical analysis, risk management and currency options, we also strive to instil the principles of discipline, patience and transparency relating to the much changed environment.

Corellian is a family and this extends to you the students, that's why we not only nurture you during the courses themselves, but there is an ongoing support system for students and mentors to communicate after you complete one of our courses. We want everyone secure in the knowledge that we are here to help.

Our Trading Course Mentors

Attendees quickly discover the value of learning to trade from our highly experienced team of trading mentors, and we have provided a brief overview of our experts below for your information. It is through this combined wealth of experience and our delivery of a structured trading course, that we are helping so many people learn to trade properly, or improve the way that they currently operate.

Chris Ashton
Chris joins the group of mentors with over 20 years experience in global markets. Over his time he has gained extensive knowledge of trading, client and risk management, business development and helping to drive an inclusive environment. From his time as a senior manager at Barclays Capital Markets, he has learnt the importance of learning, development and training for existing and new entrants into this incredibly important world.

Chris started as a graduate at UBS in the late 90's where he saw first hand the impact of volatility and de-stabilised markets with the Asia crisis. After trading all G-10 currencies for UBS in London he took over the GBP, EURO and JPY for 3 years in New York before moving to Barclays in 2006 where, as a senior trader, he worked through the financial crisis of 2008 before he became Chief dealer of the London trading desk and eventually Global Head of Spot. Working at 2 major FX banks has enabled Chris to have critical insight into risk management, proprietary trading, oversight and how technology is so important in FX markets.

In October 2018 Chris, after waiving extradition, travelled to America to clear his name in a trial brought by the DOJ after the FX investigations from 2013 onwards. He was acquitted and is uniquely placed to share his experiences and what he has learned to ensure others can benefit. This is especially relevant when personal accountability is at the forefront for individuals in today's business environment.
Chris Lloyd
Chris has worked for the best part of the last 27 years as a senior FX trader with JPMorgan, first running an emerging markets spot desk. Chris also has experience in managing the banks liquidity and account balances, liaising with the treasury desk to ensure smooth funding of accounts.

Most recently Chris has traded spot emerging markers at Commerzbank whilst also completing his accountancy qualification ACCA.

Whilst Chris is primarily a FX trader, he also has experience in the project management and business analysis, specialising in the treasury area. Overseeing the implementation of a leasing system in the JP Morgan Milan Branch.
Helen Culverhouse
Helen worked in Financial Markets from 2003-2018 managing FX Options portfolios and teams for Deutsche Bank, BAML and Standard Chartered. These trading books ranged from simple vanilla to complex exotics and had carried large risks. She has been heavily involved with graduates and clients across all three institutions, developing their understandings of the technical side of options and how they can be used to enhance their trading capabilities.

At Standard Chartered, motivated by a belief in the power of good mentoring, Helen led a program rolling out mentoring globally to all FM females to try to combat low female representative at the senior levels.

Helen now heads Strategy for an e-commerce company, where data analysis continues to be a key driver for making the correct business decisions.
Richard Adcock
Richard Adcock MSTA is a technical analyst and specialises in Candlestick analysis, combining it with momentum and trending techniques to establish both long and short term strategies.

Richard started his career with Investment Research of Cambridge Ltd where he published a number of reports covering all asset classes, as well as managing client funds. He then joined Credit Lyonnais, followed by HSBC and UBS, where he managed both the rates and FX technical teams. In early 2015, he joined the hedge fund Brevan Howard, after which Adcock Analysis Ltd was established.

During his career, Richard has been voted Top Fixed Income Technical Strategist in the Technical Analyst magazine poll for 2009, 2011 & 2013. Since starting Adcock Analysis Ltd, the company has been voted top Independent Technical Research House for FX in 2017 and 2018.

He sits on the executive committee of the Society of Technical Analysts, where he is responsible for publication of the STA journal and has lectured for them on numerous occasions, including their annual diploma course on Candlestick Analysis.

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Find reviews of our trading courses in London to see how we have helped others learn to trade. Each course is designed to deliver structured information, advice and insights that can be immediately put into action.

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FAQ's About London Trading Courses

Where in London are the trading courses held?

The courses are hosted at our London head office at 20 St Dunstans Hill, London. EC3R 8HL, just a 5 minute walk from Tower Hill and Monument tube stations.

Who Is The "Learn To Trade" Trading Course For?

The course is for anyone 18+ who wants to know more about foreign exchange trading, from school leavers seeking a head start for a career in the city, to people who want to know how to supplement their income by trading at home.

What will this trading course enable me to do?

For someone seeking a career in the industry this will provide you with in-depth knowledge, principles and discipline that will give you a quality foundation on which to build a career. For someone who has tried to supplement their income by trading foreign exchange before, this will enable them to trade the markets more effectively and formulate better strategy. How much is do the trading courses cost?

Will I need to bring anything to this trading course?

We provide everything you need to complete the course. Students need no additional equipment or prior experience, just a willingness to learn.

What If I Cannot Make The Next Course Date?

We ask for a non-refundable deposit but if a student cannot make the course for any reason we will do our best to accommodate a mutually agreeable date in the future